• UTOP builds Happy City
    Whenever facing the crossroads of life from birth to growth to takeoff, UTOP has made many choices putting top priority on happiness.
    UTOP’s competitiveness stems from the happiness of its people. Based on the power,
    UTOP has created the space of happy life everyone can be satisfied and sympathetic.


    UTOP builds Happy City
    UTOP believes in the value of happiness.
    UTOP knows human life is based on the space where there is happiness.
    UTOP dreams of Utopia in urban space based on a firm belief in happiness.
    The value of happiness that UTOP has pursued is infusing warm energy
    into a desolate city.
    What UTOP builds is not just a structure,
    but the start for changes to make a happier city.
    Core Value
    UTOP of the TOP
    UTOP focuses on the lives of people who live in,
    rather than the scale of high-rises. Developing the technology for
    your health like making our own home, we have created happy
    architectural culture based on a lot of
    know-how from field experience.
      UTOP Engineering
      CM, Supervision, Drawing,
      Construction, Engineering

      Total Solution Provider
      UTOP Construction
      Lotting-out, Architecture, FM
      New Culture Creator
      UTOP D&C
      Development, Rental,
      Facility Maintenance

      Convenient Life Communicator