Yesterday’s happiness is a seed of hope growing to today’s happiness.
    Today’s happiness also becomes the foundation for tomorrow’s happiness.
    Here is a reason why UTOP ruminates on the value of happiness.
    To let everyone enjoy a long and happy life together with UTOP we keep challenging ourselves.

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    Maximized customer satisfaction from differentiated housing service
    Getting out of monotonous methods of housing supply, we offer UTOP’s own specialized housing service to customers.
    In particular, we provide speciality of UBLESS like differentiated selection of location, customer-centered lifestyle design,
    specialized space design, state-of-the-art smart home system and diverse amenities based on accumulated experiences and techniques
    in the whole field of construction from design to inspection, CM, and construction. Housing Division's role is to maximize
    customer satisfaction and happiness through UTOP’s own specialized housing service.

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    1 UTOP UBLESS in Namak New Town

    Location : Namak New Town, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do
    Housing Site Development District 4-5, 6
    Lot area : 2,501㎡
    Total ground area : 42,445㎡
    Scale : 2 underground levels – 18 stories above ground

    2 UTOP UBLESS Gangnam

    Location : Industrial Land,
    Gangnam Bogeumjari District 2-1, 2 BL
    Lot area : 3,241㎡
    Total ground area : 29,103㎡
    Scale : 4 underground levels – 10 stories above ground

    3 UTOP UBLESS Daerim-dong

    Location : Dearim-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
    Lot area : 964㎡
    Total ground area : 4,434㎡
    Scale : 2 underground levels – 10 stories above ground


    2014 Received the Hankyung Housing Culture Award in the
    first half of the year
    (Knowledge Industry Center Award, UTOP Tech Valley)

    2012 Received the Hankyung Housing Culture Award in the
    first half of the year (Studio Sector, UBLESS Gangnam)

    2011 Won the Eco-friendly Construction Industry Award of
    (Residence Sector, UBLESS)

    2011 Received the Hankyung Housing Culture Award in the
    first half of the year
    (Urban Lifestyle Housing Sector, UBLESS Daerim-dong)

    Customer-centered Lifestyle Design
    Design reflecting customer's preference in every structure from studio to
    medium- and large-sized apartment house
    Specialized Space Design
    Elaborate waste-zero space organization based on specialized
    techniques and contents.
    State-of-the-art Smart Home System
    Increase in customer’s convenience and stability through application of
    cutting-edge smart home system to UBLESS
    Diverse Amenities
    Customer-centered amenities such as a roof garden, a fitness center, an indoor
    driving range and a lounge provided to create convenient housing culture for customers
    Full service from housing and property construction to housing rental management
    We provide differentiated housing culture based on professionalism and know-how from
    housing and property construction and housing rental management.
    We promise all of our customers to become born again as a company keep activating specialized development and rental businesses
    to create new values and prioritize customer satisfaction and values under rapidly changing circumstances, and as a company being trusted by
    our customers and contributing to their happiness on the basis of challenges and innovation setting differentiated strategies at the head.

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    1 UTOP UBLESS Hotel Jeju to be lotted out
    (in Mar. 2015)
    2 UTOP UBLESS Twin City to be lotted out
    (in the first half of 2015)
    3 UTOP UBLESS Hwajeong (520 households)
    Specialized development business
    UTOP D&C has provided differentiated residence
    services for customers based on experience
    in the entire field of design, supervision,
    CM and construction.
    We have been striving, in particular, to provide
    development business which could maximize
    customer's happiness and satisfaction.
    Also we have expanded our scope to tourism
    and leisure business on the basis of success in
    housing business.
    Housing Rental Management
    To cope with rapidly increasing rental culture,
    we have built UTOP-specific integrated housing
    system. Our integrated housing system signifies
    break from existing standardized housing rental
    business and rental housing construction,
    management and lotting-out under one authority.
    UTOP-specific housing rental management
    maximizes renter's happiness and secures trust to
    open a new prospect in the field of housing rental culture.
    FM(Facility Management)
    The value of a building depends on management.
    UTOP has introduced exclusive management
    methods suitable for each structure including buildings
    and houses. More reasonable and
    differentiated building management service
    provided by UTOP, beyond mere maintenance,
    has increased customer’s asset value.