• UTOP builds Happy City
    Whenever facing the crossroads of life from birth to growth to takeoff, UTOP has made many choices putting top priority on happiness.
    UTOP’s competitiveness stems from the happiness of its people. Based on the power,
    UTOP has created the space of happy life everyone can be satisfied and sympathetic.
    Mission & Vision

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    UTOP, which thinks of the future beyond the present, considers happiness for everyone as the ultimate purpose.
    At the peak of success achieved by our steady efforts, we take a big step for new challenges.
    As the Korea’s No.1 "Total Solution Service Leader", UTOP will be a constant partner for your life building the cities where people are happy.
    "Create the space of happy life
    where people and nature coexist and
    enhance each other's value."
    Nature is our home.
    UTOP strives to take after nature and to make life space
    where people coexist with nature.
    The life space created by UTOP will increase the value of both
    humans and nature and make us happy.
    "In 2030, 10 trillion won of annual sales,
    a dream of all the best brains."
    UTOP will be a representative enterprise of Korea.
    To lay the foundations of the future,
    we will have turned over 10 trillion won a year
    by 2030 attracting the best brains only.