• UTOP builds Happy City
    Whenever facing the crossroads of life from birth to growth to takeoff, UTOP has made many choices putting top priority on happiness.
    UTOP’s competitiveness stems from the happiness of its people. Based on the power,
    UTOP has created the space of happy life everyone can be satisfied and sympathetic.
    Greeting from CEO

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    "Happiness" is the best value UTOP offers you.
    We believe in the value of happiness. Since the moment we took the first meaning step in 1982,
    UTOP has reached after the best value of happiness.

    A well-known fairy tale "The Blue Bird" says happiness is not far away but very close to us.
    The happiness we would like to bring to you is not far away, either.
    In this city we are stepping on and in a place we are staying everyday
    there is the happiness of daily life, we believe.

    UTOP bases happiness on being together with people,
    as well as warm-hearted eyes into nature. UTOP has made the utmost effort to
    reform the space of life and to better housing culture based on
    a belief that humans and nature should coexist.

    We have never missed a single line on a blue print or a single stone on a construction site.
    That is the reason why a great number of customers have picked UTOP and has been with UTOP.

    The world is rapidly changing. In this era companies need to find the way out
    to changes and try to make new challenges. There is, however, one thing
    we should never forget amid the swirl of changes.
    That is the first priority and best value we have to keep to the very end.
    At this very moment we are standing on a new launch pad for the future,
    the best value UTOP can promise again is "happiness".

    To make our promise come true, UTOP will keep bringing about innovation.
    Thank you very much.

    Chairperson Jung Byungrae