Yesterday’s happiness is a seed of hope growing to today’s happiness.
    Today’s happiness also becomes the foundation for tomorrow’s happiness.
    Here is a reason why UTOP ruminates on the value of happiness.
    To let everyone enjoy a long and happy life together with UTOP we keep challenging ourselves.

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    Business transactions and follow-up management for customers
    Unique team-work and know-how from experts groups with various experience of project planning and design
    Design Division in UTOP seeks for harmonization between artistry and rational techniques essential to modern architecture.
    We have accumulated special design-related know-how through many projects ranging from culture to education, sports, residence,
    business, medicine, and accommodation.

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    1 Gwangju – Kia Champions Field

    Ordering Organization :
    Gwangju Metropolitan City
    Location : Im-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju
    Scale : Seats 22,244, Total Occupancy 27,000
    Side fence 99m, Center 122m

    2 National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science Gardening Facility

    Ordering Organization :
    Rural Development Administration
    Duration : Mar. 08, 2013 - Nov. 02, 2013
    Location : Haman-myeon, Haman-gun,
    Scale :
    1 underground level – 4 stories above ground

    3 Suncheon Bay International
    Wetland Center [2010, Plan]

    Ordering Organization :
    Sunchoen-si, Jeollanam-do
    Duration : Mar. 12, 2010 ~ Sep. 15, 2010
    Location : Ocheon-dong, Suncheon-si,
    Scale : 1 underground level – 3 stories above

    4 2015 Gwangju
    Summer Universiade Natatorium

    Ordering Organization :
    Gwangju Metropolitan City
    Location : (Nambu Univ.) Wolgye-dong,
    Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju
    Scale : Swimming pool (1st basement – 3rd
    floor), security office (1st floor)

    Business Planning
    We offer only the best service with regard
    to important tasks in an early phase such as
    business sizing, business feasibility study
    and design. Also, we successfully perform
    the project through business proposal from
    customer valued creation and achievement
    on target.
    Architectural Design
    We set up a clear and rational design goal by
    analyzing all the matters of projects, and submit
    an optimal plan of creative and high-quality
    design for meeting challenges successfully.
    BIM(Building Information Modeling)
    BIM is a technique used to manage and produce all data referred to various
    parts during building life cycle from planning to maintenance.
    This technique helps us prevent possible problems from occurring in
    construction, making zero-defect, faster, accurate, high-quality design,
    and is very effective to save cost and shorten duration due to real-time
    estimated construction cost and rapidly recognizable variation in cost
    from a change of design.